Founded in 2018, Nuria creates clean skincare products built around natural remedies from around the world. Decade worked closely with the founders to shape a brand that would speak to naturals from this global perspective.

Decade helped launch Nuria in US and Asian markets with full brand identity, packaging design with global compliance for over 30 products, brand photography, social photography, and high-level digital design.

Using distinct colors for each product line, we created a visual system for easy identification in stores and a strong shelf presence. The core natural ingredient of each product is highlighted, always in context of where it was sourced.

Logomark and Visual Identity
Positioning and Language
Brand, Social, and Ecomm Photography
Packaging and Collateral Design
Digital Design

What we did

Packaging Design

Packaging production: Erin Moharita

Photographer: Rosalie

Launch Campaign

Photographer: Ward Ivan Rafik
Stylist: Felicia Garcia Rivera
Hair: David Von Cannon
Makeup: Daniel Martin
Production: Wildcat