Edie Parker Flower is a new line of colorful collectibles for friends in high places. Bringing together the worlds of fashion and cannabis, Edie Parker Flower offers fresh ways to entertain at home or light up a night out.

We worked closely with founder Brett Heyman to build a world that felt fashionable, feminine, and cheeky. The team worked together from inception to launch, delivering full brand development including naming, language, visual identity design, art direction, packaging design, and digital design.

Airbrush artist: Greg LaFever

Logomark and Visual Identity
Positioning and Language
Brand Visuals
Packaging and Collateral Design
Digital Design and Build

What we did

Photographer: Nathanael Turner

For the launch campaign, we concepted fantastical scenes hinting at the world of Flower, executed as airbrush illustrations. Playing with 60s California, vintage luxury, and ironic advertising references, these illustrations set the tone for the brand’s visuals.

Airbrush artist: Greg LaFever

Digital Design

For the digital experience, the stripes of the packaging became gradients. An underlying grid system unified the websites of Flower and Edie Parker (which we also designed), allowing for shared styles and assets for easy updating. Development: Camp Quiet, Digital Strategy: Rebecca Zhou