Working closely with founders Rebecca Zhou and Annie Kreighbaum, we developed the brand identity for Soft Services.

Soft Services creates focused skincare products for body skin’s specific problems. Instead of one big brand, Soft Services is a lot of little solutions. The brand identity was developed around the idea that each of these solutions deserved its own visual world.

Your body skin issue can be fixed. Packaging can be sustainable without sacrificing design. Products for problem areas can look good enough to live on the top shelf.

This vision of Soft Services led to our tagline: Everything can be different.

Soft Services Team: Annie Kreighbaum, Rebecca Zhou,
Brianna Hawkins, Estee Kim, McKenna Cottam
Packaging Production: Doris Dev
Industrial Design: Friends Of, Jamie Wolfond
Illustration: Lulu Lin, Mariano Pascual, Pete Gamlen, Ella Webb

Photography: Anemone Works

Renderings: Soft Services

Body skin issues are treatable, but usually take consistent product application to see results. What if long-term treatment was pleasurable, and meant buying well-designed products you love, and love to have in your home?

Sustainable doesn’t mean boring or minimal—carton designs use embossing and no coated paper or foils for maximum recyclability, and only 2 colors of ink.

Every product has its own “mini-brand.” For the Buffing Bar, we worked with Lulu Lin to make a plump humanoid with smooth skin, riding a slippery dolphin and holding the Buffing Bar.

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