In 2021, we worked closely with Banana Republic’s leadership and in-house team to refresh this iconic American brand.

From the famous illustrated catalogs to the classic workwear staples, we all have memories of Banana Republic. When Banana Republic invited us to collaborate on a new brand identity, we knew we wanted to build on this heritage, and make Banana Republic look the way it always should have.

The identity is built around a bespoke typeface inspired by the letterforms of the original logo, drawn by Colophon Type Foundry. The typographic system is the stable scaffolding that supports a rich and flexible brand world.

Type Foundry: Colophon Type Foundry
All Imagery: Banana Republic

Meet the New BR.
Banana Serif becase the basis for Banana Republic’s new logo.

In addition to the new logo and brand identity, we created extensive brand guidelines and design templates, covering packaging, signage, digital, and marketing to align internal teams and create cohesion across the brand’s various outputs.

We also created brand codes—monograms, accent marks, graphics, patterns, and all the ways the brand comes to life on clothing and product.

Custom hand-drawn alphabet

Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Brand Codes
Styleguides and Design Templates

What we did