Founded in 1919, Elte is a luxury home furnishing store in Toronto. In 2014, the Elte team launched Elte Mkt. When we began collaborating with Elte in 2018, Mkt was seen by customers as the “younger” Elte, instead of a brand in its own right.

Our challenge was to refresh Elte with a modern approach to luxury that built on its heritage, and to create an elevated world for Mkt that appealed to customers through brand, not price point. Instead of Mkt living in Elte’s shadow, they would be two sister brands, each with a complementary but distinctive perspective on home.

The new Elte and Mkt launched in 2021.


Photography: Graydon Herriott
Prop Stylist: Sasha Seymour
Production: Makers

Logomark and Visual Identity
Strategy and Positioning
Brand Photography
Product Photography
Print and Digital Advertising
Packaging and Collateral Design
Digital Design

What we did

Digital Agency: The Working Group (TWG)
Digital Strategy: Rebecca Zhou


Photography: Nathan Legiehn
Prop Stylist: Caitlin Doherty

Decade executed brand positioning, messaging, and visual identities for both Elte and Mkt, overhauling art direction, signage, packaging, advertising, and digital. We worked closely with the internal team and external partners, creating guidelines and strategies for a cohesive brand experience that various teams could execute on in tandem.

Digital Agency: The Working Group (TWG)
Digital Strategy: Rebecca Zhou